Stock Chest Agitators (AG)

Energy efficient agitators find application in all type of pulp storage chests including high density towers, mixing chest & machine chest. The sturdy design incorporate bearings & glanda. Located outside, optimally designed propeller blades coming in contact with stock made of S.S. 410 C.I. Body. The Agitators are highly energy efficient and have the provision for adjusting the van angle to suit specific process requirement of gentle or strong agitation.

Cylindes Mould

It is the heart of a Paper / Board machine. It controls stick flow, pick-up on the felt and is responsible for good single layer / multi layer formation and substance profile across the full web. It also contains C.I. Spiders with S.S. strip and wounding S.S. 30 , 10 gauge wire. It is also duly balanced.

Vibrating Screen

This unit is used for treatment of rejects like plastic knots etc. Which escape in high consistency cleaner and other screening. Which results in almost zero maintenance problems.

Turbo Separator

Turbo separator separates unwanted materials from pulp like metal pieces, heavy water resistant particle pins and even works as a plastic catcher. It also contains M.S. fabricated body, S.S. impeller. Requires 2-3% consistency for better results.


Effective removal of sand, unbeaten paper chips, Hard cooked fibers and other non fibrous heavy materials. Low fiber rejection. Low Pressure drop. Fabricate from SS 304 and 316 material. Intel tapered headers with pulp valve in SS Plate With C.I. Body Construction. Available in 300LPM, 500LPM, 750LPM and 1000 LPM throughput. Fiber recovery arrangement in last stage.

High Density Cleaner

This cleaner is designed to remove any staples, clips, and other debris from stock & keeping the consistency of 2 to 3 % in doing so, it protects the rotating parts of refiners, deflakers and other downstream equipments against excessive wear and breakage. Range: 500 Lpm, 1000 Lpm, 2000 Lpm, 2500 Lpm, 3000 Lpm, 4000 Lpm.


During Pulping operation consistency of various pulps could be raised from 0.5% to 3.0% using conventional thickeners. Arrangement can also be provided to increase the outlet consistency up to 10-12%.

Slitter Rewinder

The rewinder is designed for precision slitting and rewinding hub having high speed winding drums and quality materials for slitters. It is equipped with pneumatic brake and arrangement for control of tension.

Kitchen Equipment

Cooker Tank (Jacketed Type)
Services Tank
Storage Tank
Overflow tank
Material S.S. 304, 3mm to 4mm thickness

Head Box

Salient features of head box. Open type head box made out of 4-5 mm thick S.S. 304 plate.
Tapered flow header for uniform velocity conditions.
Foam killing shower.
Precision control for cross direction profile adjustment.
Easy accessibility of inside area for cleaning.


Fiber saver
Wire Trim Nozzle
Mould Trim Nozzle
Dackel Trim Nozzle
Material S.S.

Wire Part

Material S.S.
Forming Board
Hydro Foils
Single Foils
Low Vacuum Foils
Ultra Low Vacuum Foils
Suction Box
Bagley Box
Wire Shower
Size: 2m to 4.5m

Auto Guide

S.S. Type
C.I. Type

Hill Skin (45 Degree)

Material – S.S. 304
Size 2.5m to 4m
Size 3m to 4m
Size 4m to 6m